2004 Stadium Giveaway Bobbleheads
Player SGA Date vs. Stated Issue Sponsor Uniform Headgear Notes
Shannon Stewart 6/6/2004 Tigers 10,000 Hormel Home Blue Jersey / Pinstripes Red "TC" Cap 1
Al Newman 6/9/2004 Tigers 10,000 Hormel Road Gray "M" Cap 2
Paul Molitor 8/21/2004 Indians 10,000 Hormel Road Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "M" Helmet 3
Walter Johnson 9/19/2004 Orioles 10,000 Hormel Washington Senators "W" Cap 4
Joe Mauer 10/2/2004 Indians 10,000 Hormel Home Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "TC" Helmet 5
Mauer "Friends & Family" 10/3/2004 Indians 2,500 Home Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "TC" Helmet 6
1. The red crown / blue bill alternate cap appears for the first time. 2003 Central Division Champs plaque on base.
2. 2003 Central Division Champs plaque on base.
3. Hall of Fame plaque on base.
4. Franchise hero from the Washington Senator days. The only player to appear in a non-Twins uniform. Hall of Fame plaque on base.
5. Mauer was added to the SGA bobblehead offerings after the season was in progress, probably for marketing purposes due to his popularity as a "local boy" and rising 
star. The only time the team has added a fifth bobble. 
6. Some collectors argue that the "Friends & Family" Mauer is not, strictly speaking, an SGA bobblehead. It is included here because it was, indeed, given away at the 
stadium and falls more easily into no other category. The Mauer family, along with the Twins, produced this bobble as a special edition in support of the family's favorite
local charities. The edition is numbered on the underside of he base and was limited to 2,500 units. In order to obtain one of these bobbles a person needed a game ticket, 
available only from the family, upon which was printed "JOE MAUER BOBBLEHEAD GROUP". The bobbleheads were distributed at a special gathering outside the Metro-
dome on the day after the "normal" bobblehead was given away. The bobblehead included a thank-you note from the Mauer family. This is the only instance of such a 
special edition bobblehead, and most collectors are unaware that it even exists.