2001 Season Ticket Holders Bobbleheads
Player Uniform Headgear Notes
Harmon Killebrew Road Gray "TC" Helmet
Kent Hrbek Home Pinstripes "M" Helmet 1
Tony Oliva Home Pinstripes "TC" Helmet
Kirby Puckett Road Pinstripes "M" Helmet 2
General Notes on ST Sets: ST (Season Ticket) sets are produced by the team, without 
sponsorship, as a promo item to encourage and reward the purchase of season ticket packages.
They typically consist of the players offered as SGAs the previous season in nearly identical
format as far as pose and uniform depiction. The number of bobbleheads given to a season
ticket customer depends on the level of purchase, with complete sets going only to those
purchasing two of the most expensive full season packages. The quantity of any particular ST 
bobblehead issued is even more mysterious than it's SGA counterpart, although they are most 
certainly fewer in number, with around 3,000 often mentioned in on-line auctions.
Set Notes: This is, of course, the first ST set and the only one produced on green bases.The
Twins, apparently, felt that changing up the uniforms was differentiation enough. All subsequent
ST sets appear on red bases. Note that the player's last name only appears on the base.
Please click on the player's name to view a side by side comparison with the SGA version.
1. Hrbek, oddly enough, is shown in a uniform from a different time period as well. The SGA 
version depicts him in a "double knit pullover" era uniform while the ST depicts him after the 
return to the more traditional, buttoned pinstripes.  
2. In 1987 the team started putting "Minnesota" on the front of their
road uniforms instead of the same "Twins" as at home, hence the 
difference between the two versions for the only time.