2002 Stadium Giveaway Bobbleheads
Player SGA Date vs. Stated Issue Sponsor Uniform Headgear Notes
Doug Mientkiewicz 6/9/2002 Marlins 10,000 Mt. Dew Home Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "TC" Cap 1
Jim Kaat 7/12/2002 Rangers 10,000 Mt. Dew Home Pinstripes "TC" Cap
Tom Kelly 8/4/2002 Royals 10,000 Mt. Dew Home Pinstripes "TC" Cap
Cristian Guzman 9/7/2002 Athletics 10,000 Mt. Dew Home Pinstripes "TC" Helmet
1. Mientkiewicz was the first current player to be done as a bobblehead. This is also the first appearance of the navy blue alternate or "Sunday" jersey, which was 
introduced to the uniform line-up as a road jersey in 1997, and a home jersey in 1999. The "bubble blowing" pose is unique in SGA bobbleheads.