2005 Stadium Giveaway Bobbleheads
Player SGA Date vs. Stated Issue Sponsor Uniform Headgear Notes
Jacque Jones 5/15/2005 Rangers 10,000 Hormel Road Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "M" Cap 1
Joe Nathan 7/1/2005 Devil Rays 10,000 Hormel Home Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "TC" Cap 2
65 Heroes 8/21/2005 Mariners 10,000 Ecumen Foundation Home Pinstripes "TC" Cap 3
Johan Santana 9/16/2005 White Sox 10,000 Hormel Home Pinstripes "TC" Cap 4
1. 2004 Central Division Champs plaque on base.
2. 2004 Central Division Champs plaque on base.
3. Stated issue of 1,000 of each player, for a total of 10,000. The players are depicted in historically correct uniforms without the player's name on the 
back of the jersey (names appear on the rear of the base) - note the old style "Twins" script logo. The team logo also appears on the left sleeve of the  
jersey, as it should. The set was produced to honor the 1965 World Series team. 40th Anniversary American League Champs plaque on bases. 
4. Cy Young Award plaque on base.