2006 Stadium Giveaway Bobbleheads
Player SGA Date vs. Stated Issue Sponsor Uniform Headgear Notes
Torii Hunter 5/5/2006 Tigers 10,000 Hormel Home Pinstripes "TC" Cap 1
Brad Radke 6/11/2006 Orioles 10,000 Hormel Home Sleeveless Vest Jersey "TC" Cap 2
Billy Martin 7/29/2006 Tigers 10,000 Hormel Home Pinstripes / Team Jacket "TC" Cap 3
Jack Morris 9/9/2006 Tigers 10,000 Hormel Home Pinstripes "M" Cap 4
1. Hunter is honored for a second time in recognition of his defensive skills. This bobblehead is generally referred to as the "Hunter GG" as it depicts
Torii holding one of his Gold Glove trophies. There was a high degree (30 - 40% according to the Twins) of shipping/handling breakage due to the award
extending out from the body. The team instituted a replacement program whereby damaged bobbles could be exchanged for a new version once pro-
duced. The new version, usually referred to as the "Hunter GG SGAR", features the trophy as a separate piece which is held next to the body by means
of magnets. Although the replacement version is not truly a SGA bobblehead, most collectors desire both versions. For a comparison shot of the two 
versions please click here.
2. Radke is depicted in the sleeveless "pixie vest" jersey, an alternate jersey new to the uniform combinations for 2006. It is interesting to note that 
Radke has never worn the jersey, and probably never will.
3. Martin is depicted as team manager in 1969 rather than as a player or coach, hence the team jacket and consequently his name on the back of the
bobblehead's base.
4. Morris is depicted in a historically correct home uniform as he appeared in the 1991 World Series (note the patch on the right sleeve). These uniforms
did not have the player's name on the back, hence the name on the rear of the bobblehead's base.