2007 Stadium Giveaway Bobbleheads
Player SGA Date vs. Stated Issue Sponsor Uniform Headgear Notes
Joe Mauer 6/9/2007 Washington Nationals 10,000 Hormel Home Pinstripes "TC" Helmet 1
Justin Morneau 7/20/2007 Los Angeles Angels 10,000 Hormel Road Pinstripes "M" Cap 2
Gary Gaetti 8/19/2007 Texas Rangers 10,000 Cemstone Home Pinstripes "M" Cap 3
Michael Cuddyer 9/15/2007 Detroit Tigers 10,000 Hormel Home Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "TC" Cap
Set Notes:
The three current players all have "34" on their right sleeve, in remembrance of Kirby Puckett, and also a 2006 Central Division Champs plaque on the base.
1. Mauer is one of the very few players to achieve SGA bobblehead-dom for a second time, and is so honored due to his winning of the AL batting title in 2006. The bobblehead is hence known as the 
"Mauer BT" bobblehead and the COA card, as well as the bat, notes the award.  
2. Morneau is identified on the back of the base as the 2006 AL MVP and the award is also noted on the COA card. The bobblehead is usually referred to as the "Morneau MVP" even though it is the only 
one of him (so far) and needs no differentiation.
3. The Twins planned to do bobbleheads of the entire 1987 World Series team in much the same way as they did ten players from the 1965 team in 2005. This plan was abandoned almost literally at the last
moment in favor of doing just one player to represent the team and the event. Gaetti was chosen, probably on the strength of having been voted AL Championship Series MVP. The set was apparently to 
have been sponsored by Cemstone, hence the difference in sponsorship from the others just as the ten piece set in 2005 had different sponsorship.