2008 Stadium Giveaway Bobbleheads
Player SGA Date vs. Stated Issue Sponsor Uniform Headgear Notes
Ron Gardenhire 5/4/2008 Detroit Tigers 10,000 Northwest Airlines Home Pinstripes / Team Jacket "TC" Cap 1
Dan Gladden 6/20/2008 Arizona Diamondbacks 10,000 Northwest Airlines Home Pinstripes "M" Helmet
Delmon Young 7/19/2008 Texas Rangers 10,000 Northwest Airlines Home Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "TC" Cap 2
Rick Aguilera 9/6/2008 Detroit Tigers 10,000 Northwest Airlines Home Pinstripes "M" Cap
Set Notes:
An odd selection of subjects. For one thing there are no current players in this set for the first time since 2001 ("current", as it applies here, is defined as rostered last season and still with the team). For an-
other, one of the subjects had not yet played for the organization. Were there any current players we would expect to find a "Herb" patch, in remembrance of the recently departed Herb Carneal, on the right
sleeve of the jersey - maybe Gardy has one under his jacket.
1. The Gardenhire is a re-hash of his 2004 ST piece.
2. Young, acquired by trade from the Rays in late 2007, probably couldn't find Minnesota on a map when he was chosen for Twins bobblehead-dom. He was an impressive young (sorry) player thought to
have a great deal of upside and one can only assume the team honored him "on the come" as part of the media blitz that was instituted over his imminent arrival.