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Bronze Statues

In 2005, the Twins began issuing two "bronze" statues each season as stadium giveaways.  These are small action figures (6" to 7" tall) of Twins greats and have an antique bronze look.  They are sponsored by Pepsi and have a Pepsi logo on the top of the base along with the player's name on the front of the base.  The Pepsi logo is located at different spots on the top depending on the statue design.  The statues come in very nice boxes, unlike the plain white boxes most bobbleheads come in.  These statues do not come with certificates of authenticity.  However you should look for a gold oval-shaped sticker on the bottom of the base.  This sticker is found on pre-2008 statues and this one is on statues from 2008 to the present.  The label is centered on the bottom and oriented such that if you are looking at the front of the statue and tip it backwards, the label will be right side up. 10,000 of each statue were given away, if you believe the Twins figures for giveaways.  These statues are not terribly popular but I like them a lot and they are the only Twins items I collect (other than D-Q caps!).  The dates on the pictures are the dates of the stadium giveaways.  You can click on the picture to view a larger image of the statue.  Click on the "+Pix" link for additional photos of the statue, or close ups of certain features unique to that particular statue, such as a HOF logo.  Also included here is the Santana Cy Young statue.  This is not a bronze statue, but is a statue, so maybe it belongs here?  The Santana figure does come with a COA.  Click on +Pix for pictures of the front and back of that COA.

Johan Santana7/2/2005  +Pix  +Pix  +Pix

Harmon Killebrew, 6/19/2005

Rod Carew, 10/1/2005  +Pix  +Pix

Kent Hrbek, 5/27/2006

Tony Oliva, 8/12/2006

Bert Blyleven, 6/15/2007

Kirby Puckett, 8/31/2007

Paul Molitor, 6/29/2008  +Pix

Jack Morris, 8/1/2008

Joe Mauer, 4/18/2009

Jim Kaat, 9/12/2009

Bronze Statue Price Guideline
Prices of recent sales on e-bay
Updated 10-7-2013

  Avg.   High   Low
Killebrew Bronze  $      15    $      27    $        3
Santana Cy Young Figurine  $      10    $      18    $        2
Carew Bronze  $      13    $      29    $        3
Hrbek Bronze  $      13    $      25    $        2
Oliva Bronze  $      11    $      28    $       -  
Blyleven Bronze  $      10    $      25    $       -  
Puckett Bronze  $      20    $      43    $        4
Molitor Bronze  $      14    $      49    $       -  
Morris Bronze  $        8    $      27    $       -  
Mauer Bronze  $      13    $      36    $        6
Kaat Bronze  $      10    $      28    $        1

NOTE: These prices do not include shipping, but prices are standardized to make shipping always be $8.  That is, the prices above are the actual selling price plus the actual shipping price minus $8.  If actual shipping and/or item prices are very low, this can result in a number less than or equal to zero.  Those prices are listed as $- in the above guideline.


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