Target Field Opening Day April 12, 2010

We are founder Richard
(Photo May 2011, in Cooperstown)
Ben, the genius behind the bobblehead
information and price guideline pages co-founder Jeremy
eating up the profits!


View of the field at Miller Park, Milwaukee
June 24, 2005 Twins game.  Twins lost 3-1.

Big screen at U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago
September 25, 2005 Twins game.  Twins lost 4-1.

These are pictures from trips we took to see the Twins play in Milwaukee, Chicago and Kansas City.  These trips were partially financed by profits. Thanks to all of our great customers for your continued support of!

View of the fountains at Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City
July 3, 2006 Twins game.  Twins won 6-5.


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About Us

We love our Minnesota Twins and were season ticket holders for several years.  However, we are not collectors of Twins merchandise, so we originally sold our stadium giveaways on e-bay. While e-bay is a great place to buy and sell, we thought we could do a better job of displaying and describing our items on our own web site. We try to keep our prices comparable to e-bay (including the shipping you have to pay on e-bay), and you don't have to wait 3 or 7 or 10 days to see if you have won the bid. We think these pluses to our customers make the work of running our own web site well worth it.

The idea for was mine (Richard), but my son-in-law Jeremy enthusiastically endorsed the idea. We thought about several names for our site, but most good names are already taken, so we finally settled on The very crude first version of the site went online sometime in November or December 2003.  I designed and built the site including all of the photography (except for the Bobblehead Gallery page), and Jeremy and I, and sometimes other members of the family, attend games to get the items you see listed on our site. Our goal whether selling on e-bay or our own site was to make enough money to buy two cheap seat season tickets for the following season. Thanks to all our great customers, we succeeded in doing that for several years.  However, with the move to Target Field, season tickets have become very expensive and we are no longer season ticket holders.

Several years ago my friend Ben offered to put together some information about Twins bobbleheads which became our Bobblehead Gallery page.  Ben is extremely knowledgeable about Twins bobbleheads (and anything else Twins for that matter) and we were very fortunate to have him volunteer to help us.   He has put countless hours into gathering all the information you find on that page, including bobblehead information, price guidelines and all of the excellent photographs of bobbleheads from his own collection.  I believe, and have been told, that the Bobblehead Gallery contains more information about Twins bobbleheads in one place than you can find anywhere else in the world!  Ben has also answered most of the questions on our Q&A page.  Jeremy and I consider Ben the third member of  Thank you Ben!

Merchandise Information

Prices of Items

We believe our items are priced fairly.  Our prices are usually comparable to the low to medium bids on e-bay.  Please remember all of our prices include shipping.  While it may at first appear that we are making a huge profit on the items we sell, especially since we get them for free as stadium giveaways, that is not really the case.  Here is an example of an actual sale on This example assumes we get 2 bobbleheads as SGAs.  If we get less, the profit is less because the cost of gas and parking remain a constant.  If we get more the profit is also less because we have to buy more tickets at $8-11 each.  The chart below also does not take into account the 45 minutes to 1 hour of our time standing in line to get the item.                                             

Sale price of Puckett Bobblehead $33.80
Postage   $4.80
Pay Pal Fee $1.34
Season Ticket Cost $3.08 (per bobblehead)
Parking $2.50 (per bobblehead)
Gas $1.50 (per bobblehead)
Profit $20.58

So as you can see, it cost us $13.22 to obtain and ship this bobblehead, and this sale was before the increase in postage rates.  The profit was $20.58, which we are happy with.

Shipping/Payment Information

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