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Misc. Twins Items

Joe Mauer Jersey--This was a stadium giveaway to the first 5000 fans 14 and under on June 10.  Brand new sealed in plastic the way it came from Target Field.  Qty. available: 1, $19.95. 

us concerning availability of this item.

162-0 Book--Do you believe in perfection?  This book chronicles 162 of the Twins greatest games, all of them wins of course, in a fictitious season.  There are some post season games included also.  This book retails for $16.95, but I have several copies I don't need so my loss is your gain.  The books are brand new.  Qty. available: 2, $12.95.

2010 Twins Homer Hanky--This is the 2010 Target Field homer hanky sold by the Twins at the end of the season.  Very nice design.  Brand new.  Qty. available: 4, $6.50.

2010 Target Field Inaugural Season Calendar--15 month calendar, October 2009-December 2010 showing construction and other pictures of Target Field.  This was a stadium giveaway.  This calendar is used; it hung on my wall for a year, but is in very good condition.  Qty. available: 1, $7.95.



Baseball Hall of Fame Lanyard--I got this when I visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in May 2011.  The lanyard has a badge holder attached.  What you see is what you get.  Qty. Available: 1, $3.95.


2010 Target Field Pocket Schedules--2010 Target Field pocket schedules as shown.  Pictured are the front and back of the schedule.  You will get two schedules.  $.99, set of 2.


2002 Homer Hanky--This hanky is in like new condition, but has tack holes in the corners.  Qty. available: 1, $4.00.

2004 Twins Revised Schedule Magnet--With the demise of Victory Sports the Twins gave away a partial schedule for June-September showing the Fox Sports Net TV schedule for the remainder of the 2004 season. This schedule features Torii Hunter.  Maybe you could glue pictures on them, cut them out and make refrigerator magnets  Or cut them into fun shapes and let the kids play with them;  kids love magnets. There are over 50 schedules in this package weighing over 4 pounds.  Qty. available: 1 set of 50, FREE, you pay postage only.  Unfortunately that is $10.


Twins Bat Toothbrushes--An unusual item to say the least, these are bat-shaped toothbrushes with the Minnesota Twins logo on them! The person we bought these from suspects they may be from the 1960s, but we have no idea of their age. A Google search shows a logo very similar to this one (although not blue) was used by the Twins from 1965-1986, so your guess is as good as mine as to their age. Made by OraCare, 6" long. I doubt you would want to brush your teeth with these but they sure would make a neat conversation piece addition to your collection of Twins items! Qty. available: 2, $3.50 ea.


Medallion Album--This is the album to hold the 21 Twins medallions which were sold one a day at Cub and other stores. This is the album only, no medallions are included. Even if you cannot get the medallions this is neat. . Qty. available: 2, $4.95.

Twins 40th Anniversary Drink Cups--Large Twins drink cups with 40th anniversary logo. We've used these for birthday parties with a Twins theme.  6 cups per set.  Qty. available: 2 sets of 6 cups, $5.00.

Twins 2006 Schedule Drink Cups--These are very attractive large drink cups with the 2006 Twins schedule on them.  These too would make great party drink cups.  8 cups per set.  Qty available: 1 set of 8 cups, $5.00.


Twins 2007 Calendar--This calendar was given away to all fans on Sept. 29/30, 2006 as part of fan appreciation weekend.  This is a 15 month calendar running from Oct. 2006-Dec. 2007.  The calendar features pictures of ball fields around the state, one for each month.  Also includes the Twins schedule showing who they play on each day, plus other events and historical facts.  The picture at left shows the cover of the calendar and the picture above shows two sample months.  These are not in mint condition, but have no tears, only wrinkles.  Qty. available: several, FREE with any order.  Click below to add this item to your order.

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