2004 Season Ticket Holders Bobbleheads
Player Uniform Headgear Notes
Ron Gardenhire Home Pinstripes / Team Jacket Red "TC" Cap 1
Torii Hunter Road Blue Jersy Red "TC" Cap 2
Corey Koskie Home Pinstripes Red "TC" Cap 3
Brad Radke Home Blue Jersey Red "TC" Cap 4
Set Notes: The base color and player's name formats are continued but the player's depicted are not virtually
identical to their '03 SGA counterparts this time. Two of the player's had left the team in the interim and are 
replaced, the team apparently not wanting to promote an additional version of a recently departed player. The 
remaining two players undergo uniform changes. All four bobbleheads have an '03 (rather than '02) Division
Champs plaque attached, as this is now the most recent accomplishment. The alternate red crown/blue bill 
cap makes it's first appearance on all four bobbles as well. For general notes on ST sets please see the '01 ST  
set. Please click on the player's name to view a side by side comparison with the 2003 SGA version
(which may not be the same player, as noted above).
1. Manager Ron Gardenhire replaces Guardado, who had been granted free agency at the end of the '03 
season. This is the first depiction of a team jacket and the "hands in pockets" pose is unique. Gardenhire is 
the only Twin to be done only as a ST bobblehead although, of course, the mold now exists for potential
future use.
2. Hunter switches to alternate road jersey and cap. Note also the plaque change.
3. Koskie switches from alternate jersey to normal home pinstripes, and from batting helmet to alternate
red cap. He is also a good half inch taller at the shoulder, weighs more, and has somewhat different pro-
portions body-wise. Our guess is that the original mold was, for whatever reasons, no longer available and
had to be redone. The Koskie ST is regarded by many as the most unique and handsome bobble of the
entire range. Again, note the plaque change.
4. Radke replaces Pierzynski, who had been traded in November following the season. The Radke ST is the 
only Twins promo bobble to appear in other than frontal pose - the retail pose was probably used in a pinch
to get something out.