2005 Season Ticket Holders Bobbleheads
Player Uniform Headgear Notes
Shannon Stewart Home Blue Jersey / Pinstripes Red "TC" Cap
Al Newman Road Pinstripes "M" Cap
Paul Molitor Road Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "M" Helmet
Joe Mauer Home Blue Jersey / Pinstripes "TC" Helmet 1
Set Notes: Walter Johnson is not repeated as a ST, keeping the offerings to four. An "Eloise" patch, in remembrance of Eloise Pohlad, now appears on the right sleeve 
of the three current Twins. It's peculiar that the patch doesn't appear until now, given that Ms. Pohlad had died in November of '03 and the patch appeared on the actual
jerseys worn during the '04 season. Perhaps the decision to include her name on the team jerseys during the '04 season wasn't made until after the '04 SGAs were 
ordered. The two appropriate bobbleheads have an '04 (rather than '03) Division Champs plaque attached, as this is now the most recent accomplishment, and Mauer 
gets a plaque for the Division Championship in his rookie year. The red base and (both) names format is maintained and the bobbles are, except as noted above, virtually 
identical to their SGA counterparts. For general notes on ST sets please see the '01 ST. set.      
1. The Mauer ST is actually the third edition, preceded by the SGA and the "Friends and Family" versions, the only time a "threepeat" has occurred. The F&F version is 
also on a red base but has "Joe Mauer 2004" across the front rather than just the name. The face/head also looks thinner than the other two for unknown reasons. Please 
see the side by side comparison of all three together.  Here is also a comparison of the "Friends and Family"/ST and SGA/ ST versions.