2007 ST Bobbleheads
Player Uniform Headgear Notes
Torii Hunter Home Pinstripes "TC" Cap 1
Brad Radke Home Sleeveless Vest Jersey "TC" Cap 2
Billy Martin Home Pinstripes / Team Jacket "TC" Cap
Jack Morris Home Pinstripes "M" Cap
Set notes: The Hunter and Radke bobbleheads each get a 2006 Central Division Champions (AL) plaque and Morris acquires a 1991 World Champions plaque that, for unknown reasons, was not pre-  
sent on the SGA version. Besides these additions the set is (again) virtually identical to their SGA counterparts except for the usual red base with player's name (no sponsor). Collectors who expected to  
find a "34" on the left sleeve of the appropriate players were disappointed. For general notes on ST sets please see the 2001 ST set.
1. Hunter's Gold Glove trophy is the same magnetized version as came with the replacement (SGAR) Hunter SGA bobblehead. The trophy and bobblehead were separately wrapped and placed in a "nor-
mal" white box rather than the more elaborate packaging of the the SGAR. 
2. This is the second ST Radke - the first being in '04 when he essentially replaced the departed Pierzynski. Interesting in that he now has been done twice as an ST while only once as an SGA.