2006 Season Ticket Holders Bobbleheads
Player Uniform Headgear Notes
Bob Allison Road Gray "TC" Cap
Earl Battey Road Gray / Catcher's Gear "TC" Helmet
Harmon Killebrew Road Gray "TC" Cap 1
Tony Oliva Road Gray "TC" Cap
Zoilo Versalles Road Gray "TC" Cap
Set notes: The '06 ST set is the most remarkable and unique set to date. The set includes five players from the 1965 "Heroes" set all in alternate uniforms and com-
pletely different poses. Given the poses, the '06 STs are essentially an entirely new set of bobbles rather than just a rehash of the previous year's SGAs. Offering
five players is also a departure from the normal four and leads one to wonder if the remaining five players from the SGA set will be done in similar fashion as the '07
ST set. The Versalles bobble was available only to those who purchased "cheap seat" season tickets while the other four were parceled out as usual, depending
on the value of the season ticket sale. The red base and (both) names format is maintained and the bobbles have the same "40th Anniversary" plaque as the SGAs.
For general notes on ST sets please see the '01 ST set. Please click on the player's name to view a side by side comparison with the SGA version.   
1. Killebrew is on a round base rather than the usual shape, probably due to the "one knee" pose. Note that the Killer is as tall on one knee (ST) as he is standing
(SGA) and has a much longer bat.