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A note about bobbleheads: It seems to me that the quality of bobbleheads is not what it used to be.  Obviously we have no control over the quality of stadium giveaways, but we do inspect every bobblehead before sending it out to you, and will never send you anything that is obviously defective.  Please contact us if you receive such a bobblehead from us, and we'll take care of it.  However you should never expect a bobblehead to be perfectly molded or painted, or any two to look identical.  If you are unhappy with your bobblehead, wherever you get it, the Twins will exchange it for you. Contact the Twins and ask them to send you a replacement.  They are very accommodating in this respect.  Check out our Q&A section for more info on bobblehead quality and crooked heads.

Sorry.  No bobbleheads or statues currently for sale.



IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to send you a confirmation of your order we need a working e-mail address.  Verify that your Pay Pal address works.  If e-mail bounces, we will make no further effort to send you a confirmation. This will not affect your order in any way.

For information about Twins bobbleheads or bronze statues, check out our Bobbleheads Information Gallery or Bronze Statue Gallery.

Prices are not cast in concrete. E-mail us an offer if you think our prices are out of line.
Remember, shipping is always FREE. Minnesota residents will be charged sales tax.